Derwentwater ArmsThe Derwentwater Arms has been established since 1708. It was then called the Newburgh Arms after the Earl of Newburgh, from the Hassop Estate. The first landlord was John Gregory. He was the landlord here for 39 years before his wife took over after his death.

During the Jacobite Rising in 1716, the then Earl of Newburgh played a role in which he got charged for treason, and unfortunately ended in the Earl been beheaded. The title then got passed onto another family member who changed the name from the Earl of Newburgh to the Earl of Derwentwater, and with it the name of the pub also changed.

The Inn remained in the same family for a number of years. In the 1800s the pub was very popular with local lead miners and lime kiln workers. Opposite the inn is the old brew house, which was later used by the Flowers of the High Peak Lodge, and the cricket club for dinners. Incidentally Calver Cricket Club is one of the oldest in the country, whose team played at Chatsworth when Queen Victoria visited.

In 1919 the Hassop Estate and most of Calver was sold and the Derwentwater Arms was purchased by Chesterfield Brewery Co, which amalgamated with Mansfield Brewery in 1934.

Fast forward some years later and landlord/lady Tom and Kat Keogh have been at the Derwentwater Arms since June 2014.

They have worked to create a friendly, comfortable and enjoyable pub atmosphere for all guests.

The food on the menu is cooked from fresh using local ingredients from the surrounding area and we even grow some of the produce ourselves.

We hope you enjoy your time here at The Derwentwater Arms.